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Guest Presentation

Housing Design Seminar
16th September 2016

Ar. Prasanna Desai, Principal, P.V.P. College of Architecture, Pune, visited the institute on 16th September 2016.

Rigorous discussion with 4th year architecture students on the subject of Housing design.

Students presented their housing design project work and had a free dialogue with sir to get his valuable comments and understood the intricacies of housing design process.

Ar. Desai had a presentation on Housing-The quality of Environment in which he disoursed his views on issues such as quantity, affordability and quality of housing in India.


Visit By Renowned Architects Palinda Kannangara & Rafiq Azam

Architects, Palinda Kannangara & Rafiq Azam from Bangladesh visited the school & looked at the work of the 2nd year & 3rd year B.Arch. students with respect to the documentation of the settlement study of Bundi & Pushkar, Rajasthan. They were happy to appreciate the work & encouraged students to believe in the local principles of architectural design.


Presentation by Ar. Scott Knox

Ar. Scott Knox from the USA took up a research activity for developing temporary structures for construction workers in India. His research was supported by N.D.M.V.P. college of Architecture and centre for Design, Nashik.

On 30th September he presented his work to Mrs. Shikha Shrivastev, Project Manager of TATA steel Trust.

A step by step display of the work progress exposed the students to methodological design process.


Inspiring Talk by Dr. Bharat Kelkar
26th January 2017

Inspiring Talk by Dr. Bharat Kelkar-War Victims of Syria


How to tackle a Design Problem
4th January 2016

Ar. P. Deshmukh
Ar. P. Deshmukh

As a part of academic curriculum eminent Architect Prashant Deshmukh from Pune was invited to speak and interact with the students. Ar. Deshmukh shared his experience in design process and emphasized the importance of integrated design process as key to a successfully completed construction project. With a very positive approach of the construction industry scenario in India and the capability of Indian architects to compete with the international architects, he advised students to be aware of the latest and modern trends in this industry. He gave a visual presentation of “How to tackle a Design Problem”. Students of third and fourth year B.Arch actively participated in the discussion and got valuable guidance from Ar. Deshmukh.

Ar. Prashant Deshmukh started his Architectural Consulting firm Prashant Deshmukh & Associates (PDA) in 1986, with office bases in Mumbai, Pune & Daman.  The firm has designed and executed many industrial, commercial and educational projects which have won highest appreciation at the National Level in various countries that include, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Algeria and Middle-East countries.


Contemparary Design in Indian Context
27th January 20154:30 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Ar. Ashwin Lovekar
Ar. Ashwin Lovekar
Ar. Anjali Lovekar
Ar. Anjali Lovekar

Ar. Ashwin and Ar. Anjali Lovekar inaugurated the exhibition in presence of senior Architect, Ar. Prafull Karkhanis from Nashik. Their presentation on ‘Contemporary Design in Idian context’ explored, how the treasure of traditional Indian art can become an inspiration for contemporary design themes. Through demonstration of various interior design projects including their own studio, Ar. Lovekar inspired students for experimenting new colours and themes in design. “White is not a colour, its an attitude”, “Bad design speaks, good design is a silent expression”, were some of the expressions emphasized in the presentation. Intricate detailing of each element in interior design plays a key role in success of the project, said Ar. Anjali Lovekar.  Ar. Aswhin and Ar. Ajali Lovekar also shared their valuable views while going through the students work exhibited.

Ar. Ashwin & Ar. Anjali Lovekar established ‘Lovekar Design Associates’ in1993. Their work projects a keen sense of aesthetics & visual appeal along with discipline in design. Their work has been appreciated at national and international level. Some of their achievements are I-Gen award 2014, IID awards for best commercial space, office and residence interiors etc


Building Design Sensibilities That Works In India
28th January 20154:00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Mr. Michael Foley
Mr. Michael Foley

On his visit to the institute, Michael Foley went through the works displayed in the exhibition and shared his views while interacting with the students. In his presentation,“ Design Sensibilities in India”, he focused on the design process involved in manufacturing of products keeping Indian context in mind, though some of his designs. During interaction session, Mr. Foley clarified queries of the B. Des and B.Arch students in very simplified way. He stressed that understanding the client, user requirements and brand recognition are the key to break through designs. Mr. Foley also emphasized on importance of acquiring hand sketching skill sets and time management to make your designs conveyed properly to the clients for effieint working.  

Michael Foley a design student from the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, is founder of design studio, "Foley Designs", Bangalore. The studio specializes in product design, packaging , graphics , environment design & brand identity. The studio has won awards like VMRD Detail Design Award 2013, CII Design Excellence Awards 2012, Winner, Industrial Design (Leisure & Entertainment Product) and many more. His some of unique works include the design of Common Wealth baton, “Pure It” water purifier, Airtel “Formula One” trophy, “Evara” platinum jewelry, Titan watch design etc.


Film Appreciation
29th January 201510:00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

Ar. Ganesh Matkari
Ar. Ganesh Matkari

The idea behind the 'Film Appreciation' lecture, was to make students learn to observe consciously. His focussed on the role of film maker and the way his decision guides the audience through the process of watching a film through illustrations of clips from 1950s to very recent movies. Mr. Matkari also talked about Art Direction,light and sound direction, cinematography, colours, acting and many other aspects that help to create a good film. Different direction styles such as Hithcock, Steven Spilberg, Kuro Sawa etc. were also well explained though interactive discussions with the students.

Ar. Ganesh Matkari is having over 17 years of experience as a studious Film critic with extensive exposure to world cinema. He has an understanding of various aspects of film making. His critical as well as creative work has been published in book form, magazines. He has been involved in various television/ film projects in capacity of director/associate director. He has good creative experience of working as the episode director for Marathi serial, co-director for national award winning Marathi film 'Investment'. He has made various appearances as an expert on cinema for channels like ZEE MARATHI, ABP MAZA, IBN LOKMAT, SAHYADRI and others. 


Landscape Design Thought Process and Professional Works
29th January 20154:00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Ar. Umesh Wakaley
Ar. Umesh Wakaley

Ar. Prachi Wakaley’s presentation on “ Landscape Architecture and Design”, offered a visual treat of having seen not only wonderful landscape designs but also very well executed intricate landscape details and design process. It was great to see what the young design firm can achieve in relatively small time. It was realized from the presentation that, Landscape design in India has a bright future and there is a lot of scope for budding landscape architects. At the same time consideration of the fact that while we are marching ahead towards technological advancement, we will not only have to cater the aesthetics but also achieve environmental sustainability.

Ar. Umesh and Ar. Prachi Wakaley are founders of the firm "ROOTS LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS in Pune, primarily a Landscape design firm in 2002, with a notion to contribute holistic work in the field of Architecture & Landscape Design. ROOTS, having worked with several reputed Architecture & Planning organizations across the country, have gathered an array of experience in field of Architecture, Contemporary Landscape, Urban Design & Regional Environmental Planning. 


Architecture - Design Education For Tomorrow
13th January 20154:00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Dr. K.S. Anatha Krishna
Dr. K.S. Anatha Krishna

In the concluding session of workshops and seminars, Dr. Ananth Krishnan shared his views on Architectural Design educationfor next generation pertaining to his 32 years of experience in the academic field. In his presentation Dr. Krishnan talked about the need for faculty to be equipped with pedagogic approach towards architectural education.  At the same time the students also need to be aware of the quality of education they are receiving. Some of the methodologies like student exchange programmes between various national and international institutions will help to improve the education quality. He also emphasized on the importance of core faculties in architectural institutions. Faculty members should participate in various research programmes, should be publishing and presenting their works in referred journals and international platforms, thus thinking Globally and Working Locally.

Ar. Dhananjay Shinde, a renowened architect from NASHIK, was felicitated by the institute on account of achieving  prestigious J.I.I.A Award for Excellence in Interior Architecture 2014, by the Indian Institute of Architects for Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio, Nashik. The presentation put forth elaborate details about the project. His design philosophy strongly promotes the eco-friendly or green approach towards design in general. This reflects through the use of local materials, rigorous study of climatology aspects and a design solution towards “minimalism”.

In the span of 32 years of his teaching career, Dr. Krishnan has developed core competence in there related areas : institution buildings, hard core teaching, research and publication.  He has served the cause of architectural education in India as member of All India Board of Studies in Architecture and Town Planning AICTE. He has played a key role in several quality improvement programs for teachers of Architecture organized by Council of Architecture and seminars organized by IIA. He was chairman of IIA, Karnataka chapter, from 2002 to 2004.


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